About Us


To guide our learners to obtain both life and technical skills and to take up positions as worthy citizens.


Exposing our learners to skills and fundamental learning areas in a differentiated and holistic approach by practicing a variety of teaching and learning styles in a nurturing and stimulating environment.


The curriculum is guided by White Paper 6 where the curriculum is adapted and differentiated to suit the individual needs of the learners. The medium of instruction is English but teachers use language code switching when necessary.

The following learning areas are offered at Newton:‐ English, Afrikaans, IsiZulu, Mathematics, Natural Science, Arts and Culture, Life Orientation, Computer Skills and Physical Education.

Our School’s Occupational Therapist assesses the strengths and weaknesses of learners and this information is shared with the Newton professional staff thereby helping the learners to achieve their best.


Technical skills are aimed at preparing learners for the job market. Our school workshops simulate the working environment through a system of “training through production.”
The learners are exposed to the following technical subjects:‐ Metalwork, Woodwork, Building, Motor Vehicle
Repairs, Plumbing, Panel beating, Do it Yourself, Hairdressing, Cookery/Catering and Needlework. The
technical workshops expose learners to essential theoretical and practical skills that make them employable.

Work experience is gained over a two week period by final year learners who go out and work in the commercial and industrial sectors around Pietermaritzburg. A certificate endorsing their competencies and skills required are then issued.

Extra Murals

We offer a wide range of sporting andcultural activities. These include the following:‐ Cricket, Netball, Rugby, Soccer, Table tennis, Cross country, Swimming and Special Olympic codes, Dance and Song.

Excursions and field trips are undertaken regularly.


We have a fully serviced hostel facilities with laundry services provided for boarders. Qualified staff cater for learner needs and safety.

All schools have a vision to develop learners in their care to their full potential. Schools differ in the manner in which they strive to realise their vision.

We at Newton:

  • adapt the curriculum for learners with barriers to learning;
  • make provisioning for the frustrated parent by providing regular Parent Support Group session.

We at Newton, achieve our vision:

  • by allowing our learners to work at their own pace thereby eliminating the obstacles that confronted them at primary school;
  • by providing learners with individual support from vocationally and professionally qualified educators;
  • by reducing tension and frustration and restoring harmony within the individual;
  • by exposing our learners to specialised assistance, a benefit that they were previously and historically deprived of;
  • by guiding our learners to develop self‐control, especially those who are extremely sensitive to criticism or have been subjected to frequent degradation / ostracism resulting in damaged personalities and inappropriate behaviour;
  • by removing negative terms like confusion, total failure, frustration and humiliation;
  • by using technical subjects, taught by trade specialists, firstly, as therapy to instil and develop pride in the individual. Furthermore to allow learners to showcase their true talent and skills in preparation for their future vocation.

Core Values

Definition: A core value is a central belief clearly understood and shared by every member of the school community. Core values are the foundation of ethical and moral behavior which all members of the school committee should model throughout their school days and lives.

Respectful people have confidence in their own beliefs and values and acknowledge, understand and support the rights of others to express their beliefs.

Responsible individuals know, understand, consider and accept the impact and consequences of personal decisions and actions. They reflect on the results of their work and apply this new learning to subsequent tasks.

Citizens contribute to the community (local and global) in active, positive and creative ways and encourage the participation of others.
Caring people show concern for the well being of self, others and the environment. Caring is shown through compassion, generosity, kindness and service.

Cooperative people actively participate with others with sharing information and ideas toward a common goal.

Honest people are truthful and sincere. People worthy of trust keep promises, fulfill commitments, and abide by an agreement.

Loyal people consistently demonstrate respect and provide support and commitment based on positive values.

People with integrity behave in a manner consistent with universal values. They take pride in their work and give their best effort.

Fair people are commitment to justice, the equal treatment of individuals and acceptance of diversity.

Proverbs 22 verse 6 : “Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it”