Guiding our Learners to a brighter future

Newton Pre-vocational school is the school for learners with mild-intellectual disabilities. Our aim as a school is to equip our learners for the world of work so that they can sustain and prosper in their lives. Newton Pre-vocational school programme allows learners to attend alternate days attendance between the academic section and technical section. Since our focus is on skills, all our teachers are fully trained on their practical skills and academic subjects they offer to our learners.

Through listening to our learners, we are able to guide them to the practical centre that might be suitable for them to carry on with till their final year. Through our well-structured work experience programme, our learners have managed to be employed in reputable companies. Others have opened their own business and they are flourishing in their areas of the practical skills they have acquired at Newton Pre-vocational school. These good practices have put our school on the map despite being a LSEN school.

Newton Pre-vocational school was opened on 18 January 1971. It started with 15 teachers including the principal. There were 140 learners on the school enrolment. Learners were drawn from schools around Pietermaritzburg. The purpose of the school was to provide an education with a strong practical base for those learners who could not cope with the demands of the normal curriculum and to provide further education to those learners who were too old for the special classes in the primary schools.




The curriculum offered is Technical Occupational Curriculum guided by White Paper 6 in which the curriculum is adapted and differentiated to suit the individual needs of the learners. Multi-level teaching methodology is applied to teaching and learning. The medium of instruction is English but teachers use language code switching when necessary in order to accommodate all learners.

The following learning areas are offered at Newton Prevocational school in an academic section: ‐ English, IsiZulu, Mathematics, Natural Science, Arts and Culture, PSW, Life Orientation, Computer Skills and Physical Education.

Our School’s Occupational Therapist assesses the strengths and weaknesses of learners and this information is shared with the Newton teaching staff which thereby helps learners to achieve their goals.


Technical skills are aimed at preparing learners for the job market. Our school workshops simulate the working environment through a system of “training through production.”

The learners are exposed to the following technical subjects: ‐ Agriculture, Metalwork, Woodwork, Building, Motor Vehicle Repairs, Plumbing, Panel beating, Do it Yourself (Maintenance), Hairdressing, Cookery/Catering, Office practice and Needlework.

The technical workshops expose learners to essential theoretical and practical skills that make them employable and entrepreneurial.
Work experience is gained over a two-week period by final year learners who go out and work in the commercial and industrial areas. A certificate endorsing their competencies and skills required are then issued.

Extra Mural Activities


We have fully serviced hostel facilities with laundry services provided for boarders. Qualified staff cater for learner needs and safety. All schools have a vision to develop learners in their care to their full potential. Schools differ in the manner in which they strive to realise their vision.